Performance Strategy Consultants Limited
  What We Do

We have programs for;

  • Learning Institutions
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Health n Nutrition

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Learning made fun!
kids during training

kids during training

 Staffs during a corporate training

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Who We Are
PSC is a Capacity Building firm, with a vision of inspiring Positive Culture Development and enhancing Performance in our clients through our Transformational programmes. This we do through Team Building Activities, Training/ Seminars, Motivational Talks, Coaching, Counselling, Tuitions, School Based Programmes, Youth Camps, Youth Seminars, Children Programmes etc, to enable people unleash their God given potential.

Learning Institutions

We develop Parenting programs for the parents, Team building and Training for the Teachers and for learners we have programs that are geared towards academic excellence, using Life Skill Approach, its learning with fun! Our programs address Attitude, Confidence building, Relationships, Goal setting, Time management, Study skills, Exam taking techniques etc. Our programs are based on these questions;

  • Is your child’s academic performance unsatisfactory, yet he/she has the potential to perform better?
  • Does your child exhibit negative attitude towards some subjects?
  • Is your child poor in Time Management, spending more time on Face book, Music, Movies, Play Station, at the expense of school work?
  • Does your child suffer low self esteem and a lack of confidence?
  • Has your child lost the drive and motivation in education, life?
  • Is your child easily influenced by pressure from his/her peers?
  • Does your child need special attention, specialized tuition in any subject?
Corporate Institutions

Types of services that we offer include and are not limited to;

  • Team Building
  • Transforming Organizational culture
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Pre-retirement programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Parenting Programs
  • Motivational Talks
  • Counseling
  • Tailor made programs to suit client need etc.

 Health n Nutrition Division

We visit Organizations and Institutions to sensitize people on Health and Nutrition matters. Specifically, on the use of Moringa tree products that are both Nutritional and Medicinal for a better quality Health. Other Nutritional and Medicinal products that we deal with are Green Tea and Purple Tea.

Choose Wema, choose Health!!!


Moringa added to githeri

School training for students

Corporate training

Team Building

Moringa Plant